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Welcome to our love corner, we are so glad you found us!

My wife Rosie and I can’t wait to meet you, invite you for a cup of coffee and become friends by the end of our afternoon together! We love wedding photography not only because we enjoy taking and developing photos, but also because photography gives us the opportunity to create cherished friendships as we meet with couples from the time of the proposal to the day when they finally say “I do.”  I Love Us photography was born out of the love that we feel for life, people and the incredible beauty that surrounds us if we look. We love to watch people fall in love, we love to see a father give away his beloved daughter at the altar, we love to see the crazy things the maid of of honor will do for her bride on her wedding day. Overall we just love to see how despite all the crazy things that might be happening in the world, love never fails.

Even though photography has become our baby there is one more thing that we love just as much as being photographers and that is nursing. My wife and I are both registered nurses and we love our profession more than words can explain. We love taking care of those who are sick and bring a little bit of healing to our patients and their families as they go though very difficult moments that they never saw coming. Even though we love nursing, it is not very hard to become sad and forget the beauty that this life has to offer after spending 12 hour shifts in the hospital. For this reason, doing something completely different such as photography brings a great balance to our lives and helps us be even better nurses.

Thanks to our flexible schedule we are able to schedule our photo sessions around the 3 days that we work as nurses and do the two things that bring happiness to our hearts. Overall, no matter if we are next to a patient in a hospital bed waiting for a major surgery or standing next to a couple as they say their vows, we seek the beauty and Glory of God through everything that we are lucky to experience.

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